It's Probably Raining

by Mitchmatic

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released February 3, 2012

These beats have samples from some of my favourite songs.

All beats by Mitchmatic except "One Word," by MUMPS
Recorded & Mixed by Mitch Holtby
Mastered by Sonik
Cover portrait by Sean McMahon:




Mitchmatic Edmonton

Mitchmatic is an emcee, producer, and multi-instrumentalist currently based in Montréal, QC.

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Track Name: One Word
and so I think about my
time often on this planet that we dropped in
grow up and gain an understanding of my callings
till the coffin, I'll be applauding
learning, cause everything’s incredible microscopic

yearning, born with a soul burning for
something that determines course in a world at war
somethin that averts earth's cursed
nature of fakes and frauds
try to shake them off
but can't go so far as to scrape the source

and through my blemished pores, the blemish pours
until I’m empty and raw
but keep working on the craft until my pen is a sword
and I try to keep an eye on the prize
and one straight ahead to see what lies
and all the while, in all my trials
I'm working on the craft until my pen is a sword

at least for me
the word has always been music
*one word*
describing all of my persuits in
*one word*
in finding solace I'ma definitely need it
ain't a cliché if it's true

potential isn't anything without an action
actually, it's just for putting artists in depression
and so I'm posing my prose as a weapon to those that oppose my essential ascension

but I suppose it's only for best when
things pass me by and others get them
cause soon I'll be ready to step in and
prove what I's meant to do

and whether or not that means only to myself
pride'll be the only thing encroaching on my wealth
while well written don't sell all still spittin' real felt
that underground's where the real music dwelled

and fell off the stages and stations to basements
basically chased into hell
but now waiting in patience for the change it's
amazing the pace the revolution is taking

for me
the word has always been music
*one word*
describing all of my persuits in
*one word*
in finding solace I'ma definitely need it
ain't a cliché if it's true
Track Name: Discovering Pain
he said
"it's been good kid but I 'gotsta' go
fulfilled just as the prophecy told
quick, grab a shovel and toss the first load
cause I found all the answers
and can't risk forgetting"

so, mr. "soul" got his wish
and left the planet with his face aglow
but I'ma tell you right now I'd switch
cause in the moment he was
holding on to something to "know"

and I delve down deep into secrets
sink more than I dig more often than not
but even other times I've found peace
in things you believe to be false

I'm a piece of scenery, just a piece of scenery
and seem to be a grievance
for the people that are keeping me
increasingly incredulous and that's an "estimate"
for pessimism creeping up upon and defeating me

he was plagued by the same trials
that linger for millenia and take minds
incendiary ideas embrace mine
till I have seen the light

soon I'll be fine
and soon we'll be cool
cause in time
I can know you

we are the keepers of inadequacies
laced in the fabric of reality
imagine me, nothing but a knot
with a tight grip on everything I've been taught

cause the man can only be exposed to so much
and with the notion of such,
he closed his mind unabashedly
and passionately pursued the few ideas
that actually packed his head to capacity

and he's lacking any real zeal to change
but 'least he feels it, even if it being in vain
and he seems all right, cause most 'round town
see him as such, and see him as same

but he probably is though
and probably doesn't think so
and probably never will
and that's what makes it so true
he's just a man in the mix
in a world where everybody's independently
discovering pain
Track Name: Overgrown Roads
so how'd it happen?

and he was even born in depression
an isolated inception left him in a state of guessing
enticing his favourite weapon
to try and appraise the current phase in question
as to how his fate could possibly
be based in such a place

which sent him on a chase to find
an able guide,
awaited by a greater time
he trained his state of mind
in taking patience in the pride,
lest he'd fail to rise, fade away and die
and that's how brother learned to cope

he used these spare years to plant seeds
that'd one day bear fruits much bigger than the tree
little did he sleep, much did he dream
though he'd spend
more time thinking than doing
within his improvement

and kid was getting slicker
every time he spit a lick
but soon we'd find him in a slump
he'd only wish to fix
and he would lie and tell the world
it's been his only home
lo, alas we know the troubles of a lonely soul

travelling upon overgrown roads
mapped by the few and far in between bold
excavating old spirits in my spare time
peering into minds their experience is mine
Track Name: Why Don't You Know?
Hey, eh-yo what's up honey baby?
I'ma tell you some reasons why you wanna date me.
First, I can take you anywhere you work, and we can get a discount from every single clerk.
Not to mention the benefits and perks - and if you('ve) got a pension, a wedding in a church.
Well we could wait but if worst comes to worst, a year from Monday's our first annivers'.

*It shows he has thought about price range*

Well, well, well yeah of course, we settled it before - ignore social stigma she'll get the door.
But I've still got my dignity, until she admits she really isn't into me.
At which point, I begin to see it's simply a little song she needs like...

Babe, don't you know that when you run away it drives me crazy?

Why Don't You Know? (X2)

Cause darlin', you're my summer evening beautiful melody.

Why Don't You Know? (X2)

Hey, you, how could you be so careless?
All I wanted to do was meet your parents.
But, you had to release that document stopping me from hanging-out on your terrace.
It's cool, I don't NEED to be there, it's just I'll be honest I'm awfully embarrassed.
I long for lawfully wedded but confidence is dropping steady each time your phone number varies.

*It's doing the girl no favour to leave it entirely up to her*

Oh really? Well, maybe I should drop by her place then, the mail-boy told me where she moved to when I paid him.

*that would be fun*

Aw yeah, it's out in Lake-Bend, gee thanks mister I'll make like the wind.
I'll bet she's waiting in the den, so maybe I should let myself in.

Babe, can't you see me sitting on your front porch waiting for you?

Why Don't You Know? (X2)

Cause darlin', I just want you to know how I feel about you.

Why Don't You Know? (X2)


Can't you see me through the window? They're arresting me.

Why Don't You Know? (X2)

Cause darlin' I would like you so much more if you loved me back.

Why Don't You Know? (X2)